How to Find a Class Set of Books

  1. From the Search page, enter 5 Keywords: Class set Multiple copies Books.
  2. Select a Grade level (deselect “All Grades”).
  3. Select “Subject” from Fields to Search.
  4. Scroll over the order numbers to see how many copies are in the kit. The subject “Class set” is used for any set with 14 or more copies.
  5. You may want to change the Sort order so that the results are in Grade level order rather than alphabetical order.
  6. You may find it helpful to restrict your search to “Fiction” (from Book Limiter) if you are looking for novels.

Book Definitions

PreK–12 Book Collection / Books in the Small Media Collection /
Book of the Month

PreK–12 Book Collection

Assorted Books

Box for Assorted Books

PreK–12 Book Collection

  • Circulates for 6 weeks
  • Reservations are not placed on PreK–12 books. You may request books, and if they are available the day your order is prepared (usually the day before your delivery) they will be delivered. When you receive your books, your order form will be included.
    The form will list the books that
    were and were not available.
  • If books are needed past the due date, the teacher needs to call or e-mail Keystone AEA to extend them. PreK–12 Books will then be extended for 6 weeks.
  • On the search results page, the order number for a book starts with a "B"
  • Orders should be placed by 1:00 on the day prior to delivery.
  • In the PreK–12 book collection if there are 6 copies of a book listed on the Search, there may only be one or two copies of the book available. If you want more than one or two copies of the same book, search the small media collection's multiple copies.

Books in the Small Media Collection

Guided Reading Books

Box for Guided Reading Books

Books by Author

Box for the Following

  • Multiple copies of one book
  • Predictable books
  • Books by author
  • Random set of books

Top left: Big Book with Small Books

Top right: Big Book (only)

Left: Multiple Copies of One Book

Books in the Small Media Collection

  • Circulates for 10 days–4 weeks
  • Reservations are placed on small media kits.
  • Boxes are labeled with KM (order ID#)
  • The contents of what is inside the kit box is listed inside the lid.
  • KM (order ID#) is on each item
  • Van drivers will ask for the small media kit on the due date.
  • If you want to keep the small media kit for a longer period of time, then you may extend it.
  • Extensions are for 3 days.
  • All contents of the box should be returned with the kit. If you know something is missing or not working, please place a note inside the kit.
  • Examples of Small Media kits:
    • Big books
    • Read alongs
    • Boxed books
    • Multiple copies of one book
    • Guided Reading books (six copies of each book)
    • Predictable books
    • Box of books by author
  • Used up batteries please take out of the box and recycle.
  • On the search results page, the order number for a small media kit starts with "KM"

Book of the Month

Left: Book of the Month Books

Top: Book of the Month Box

Book of the Month

  • Sign up once a year for the grade level of books you want.
  • Grade levels from PreK–10 are available.
  • Every 6 weeks you will receive a box of 25 books, half fiction and half non-fiction.
  • Books are in a box with green lettering that says "Book of the Month" which includes a three digit code.
  • Books are labeled with the Book of the Month code so you know which ones belong in the box.
  • When you return your Book of the Month box, the next box will be routed to you.
  • There are no duplicate books from one month to the next.
  • Book of the Month books can’t be extended.
  • You will receive a paper reminder notice that the books are due one week prior to the due date as well as an e-mail reminder the day before the books are due.

Who do you call with an order or a question?
Kathy Wessel

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